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Saint Elizabeth Health Care

Why Choose Aylmer-Must

Quality Postings

Throughout our 25 year history we have established ourselves as The Quality Provider of Nursing Services in the Montreal area. Our clients come to us first because they know we only provide high quality nursing professionals who have been duly screened and properly trained and consequently our clients offer us their best positions first.

Salary is important. Social benefits are important. But an equally important factor to consider when choosing an agency is where they will place you. Will you receive a proper, paid orientation? Will your work environment be organized and fair? Will the agency support you fully in the field? Aylmer-Must covers all the bases.

A Respectful Relationship

We have been told countless times by our staff that we treat them better, offer them better positions and that they feel better supported in the field than with any other agency.

We are not about growth and we have no investors to satisfy. We are about continuity and we have been here a very long time thanks to the way we treat people, employees and clients alike.

Ask anyone.