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Below are some of the written testimonials that we have received.

"Many thanks to everyone for your help and kindness to me and my mother." 
 - P.T. 

"Thank you for your professional help!" 
 - P.M. 

"We were very pleased with the assistance your caregivers provided. A great help!" 
 - E.H. 

"Thank you for everything! D.D. helped make the last days of my father's life very peaceful." 
 - M.M. 

"This letter is to express our appreciation for the excellent services we received from the two caregivers you sent to help both my husband and myself following his discharge from hospital after coronary by-pass surgery. Both "I.H." and "A.T." provided excellent nursing care and assistance to my husband, and were very helpful to me with domestic chores in our home. I found them very courteous and pleasant and would not hesitate to recommend them. I, myself, am on a waiting list for knee replacement surgery and will certainly call your agency for help, if required, in the future."
 - Joan F. 

"This is a note to extend my sincere appreciation to all the girls who looked after "D.C." so well. I had only high praise from the management of the residence as to the care they gave her. Thanks to all of you for a job well done."
 - Ruth S. 

"You could not have chosen anyone more pleasant, efficient, agreeable and couteous to fill my needs. I look forward to "L.S." coming each day." 
 - Elisabeth M. 

"Thank-you for the lovely flowers - we so enjoyed them over the holidays. It was very kind of you to come to my home - your visit meant a great deal to me. Mom and Dad had the good fortune to have such wonderful care in their last years, at home surrounded by family and always with dignity. Your agency made this possible and I will be forever grateful."  
 - Linda R, 

"Dear Debbie, For you and all your staff, my appreciation for your kind help during my huisband's illness. Your nurses were excellent and very kind."  
 - Manon M. 

"To all the staff at Aylmer-Must, my most sincere and hearfelt appreciation for all your help and kindness. Both "S" and "L" were excellent."
 - Carol C. 

"Throughout my entire nursing career, I have never felt as appreciated and supported as I do when I work for Aylmer-Must."
 - Verna P., R.N. 

"This note is a sincere Thank-You! My mother not only arrived safely but thought the world of "J". Your staff were extremely professional, completely timely and very cheerful and polite. I have been in business a long time and what I saw of your organization tells me that it is an exceptionally good one. I would be pleased to recommend Aylmer-Must to anyone."
 - Monty R. 

"We have recommended your service to family & friends. We were dealt with in a very friendly and efficient manner – a great experience and service!"
 - Michael C.

"We wish to thank the Aylmer-Must Angels that descended into her home in the final weeks to make sure she felt secure and loved and in minimal pain."
- Leslie E. 

"Thank you very much. I am very content and satisfied with your caregiving services both at the administrative level and on the scene."
- Patricia P. 

"I want to thank you for the care that your team provided my Mother. This was a difficult  situation for me and I can tell you that your team made the best of a bad situation."
- D.V.  

"I was very satisfied with your caregiver. She was very kind & attentive to my mother’s needs."
- Elizabeth C. 

"Great, as always. Thanks!"
- D.B. 

"Everything has been perfect. My four nurse’s aides were caring, quiet, competent & interested in doing their very best for my husband. He appreciated their care and felt comfortable, which is the most important thing to me."
- R.R. 

"I would like to thank A.T. for the wonderful care she gave my Mother. She was warm and gentle and I would recommend her 100%. I wish there were more kind people like her. Thank you very much."
- Linda S. 

"We were extremely satisfied with your services. We would recommend you in a heartbeat. Your RN was the best and you are easily the #1 agency in Montreal."
- A.B. 

"All of our caregivers, past and present, have been very good. Any small personality glitches were dealt with promptly by your care manager."
 - Andrea S. 

"We are very satisfied. My client is so well taken care of by your staff that she thinks she will live forever! Her quality of life is excellent thanks to your staff."
- Tony P. 

"Your services were excellent… first class!"
- Neil M. 

"I was very, very satisfied with your services and I will certainly be calling you back when my mother returns from Europe."
- Dr. Jane R. 

"Every single caregiver you have sent to me has been excellent."
- Linda R. 

"Thank you for not only what you do but how you do it!"
- Katherine T. 

"Thank you for your kindness during this difficult time. My father’s last months of living were with respect and dignity provided by your efforts and his dedicated caregivers. I am truly grateful."
- Linda P. 

"My family and I would like to thank you very much for the donation to the Palliative Care Fund at the hospital in memory of my mother. We were so pleased with your agency from the top down and of course would recommend you wholeheartedly."
- Ann H. 

"We are grateful to you and your caregivers who have looked after Mum for many years.  Without exception, they have been wonderful women; kind, gentle and devoted.  Even, sometimes on short notice, you were always able to provide someone. They were all wonderful."
- Beverley D. 

"All of the staff who looked after my mother were kind and warm people. It’s a tribute to your hiring process that the caregivers of Aylmer-Must are dependably thoughtful & special."
- Kim D. 

"It has been a great pleasure dealing with you and your agency. The consistent level of professionalism of your staff is a great tribute to you. Your entire team has given me and my entire family great peace of mind knowing that my aunt has been in such skilful and caring hands."
- Mordecai R. 

"Special thanks to the ladies who took care of my mother so well. This gave me great peace of mind. Please let them know that they are special human beings."
- Judith A. 

"I want to thank you for working so hard to see that good staff care for people in need."
- Sylvia (Social Worker) 

"I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and all the wonderful nurses.  Without your assistance and the loving and efficient care given to my dear Grandmother, we would not have been able to look after her at home until her death."
- Thomas H. 

"Thank you so much for your very efficient and caring conduct of my husband’s nursing care.  The four nurses were outstanding in their care and made his last days wonderfully secure and pleasant."
- Sheila L. 

"There are no words to express it, only to thank you again and again for your care, attention, and just always being there when I needed you."
- Pamela M. 

"I thank you so much for the lovely card and your kind words. Also my heartfelt thanks for your wonderful personal-professional services of nursing care during my husband’s ordeal at the hospital."
- Monika S. 

"We would like at this time to express our heartfelt gratitude for the extraordinary and loving care Edith has provided to our mother for over seven years.  During that time, her role changes from friend and companion to caregiver and nurse.  All of these roles she filled with exceptional loyalty and conscientiousness. There is no doubt that Edith contributed much to the comfort of our mother over these last and very difficult years, while at the same time contributing to our own confidence that she was well looked after."
- David & Jim G. 

"Your organization succeeded in making his last few months more pleasant than otherwise would have been possible.  Both attendants, Carole and Rachel gave him excellent home care. My brother told me how much he appreciated their visits and the attention they gave. I know he personally thought very highly of both ladies."
- Michael C. 

"May I take this opportunity to thank you, Debbie, and all the staff at Aylmer-Must. Your service  was always most professional and reliable for the many years we required part-time to full-time nursing. Your medical attendants were very good, many more were "gems" and I am most grateful for their professional and devoted attention to my aunt. Thank you Debbie and your staff for "being there" when I needed you – always."
- Carole C. 

"The knowledge that my mother was in the care of such warm and capable people provided considerable peace of mind to my family and me. As a community, we are fortunate to have access to an exceptional quality of service, such as is offered by your firm; my appreciation and endorsement are unqualified."
- Ron V. 

"All of the family would like to join in thanking you and your staff for the work you did in looking after my mother from September last year when she arrived back from the country to her passing in April. Your constant efforts to provide continuity and quality in terms of the nursing staff as well as ensuring their continuing presence contributed greatly to my mother’s comfort during this period."

"We wanted, in particular, to compliment you on the quality of the original team of four that attended to my mother from the start of the assignment to the end. While each is unique, each had the empathy, humour, intelligence and dedication needed for excellence in this field. We were fortunate to have them and are grateful to them and to you."
- Brien G. 

"My daughter told me how kind and sympathetic you are and how you helped when she called your agency.  Thank you again. My husband’s attendants were towers of strength and he was surrounded by love as he got ready to leave us."
- Jeanette W. 

"I appreciated all the care the nurses gave to my husband. They were all extremely caring, tender and thoughtful people.  We had them all to the house for tea to thank them personally."
- Mary H. 

"There is no question in the minds our family that in the last few days of his life the nurses assigned by you did all one could possibly hope for to make him as comfortable as possible. In closing, permit me to add that we have had no previous experience with your company or its personnel and thus our appreciation of your work is both spontaneous and totally unsolicited."
- James O.