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Saint Elizabeth Health Care

Home Care Services

Each case is unique.

Our Care Managers have over 40 years of combined experience supporting HomeCare cases. This expertise allows them to select the appropriate caregiver or team of caregivers based on a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s needs. We have found that this matching process is essential when designing a successful care strategy.

Every case is followed.

As part of our Quality System, homecare cases are managed by means of detailed documentation to ensure a continuous level of care. Here are three examples:

  • Nursing Evaluation: A report prepared by a Registered Nurse that details the current state of a patient’s general health with specific focus on the condition(s) that initiated the request for care.
  • Nursing Care Plan: Detailing specific patient needs and caregiver tasks and signed by all attending caregivers.
  • Nurse’s Daily Notes: An ongoing diary of care notes to be completed by each caregiver to facilitate the flow of accurate information from shift to shift and from caregiver(s) to the Care Manager.